Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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The coffee table makes the room.

Where would a living room be without the infamous coffee table. I suppose at one time, family and friends gathered around this table to drink coffee but not in my day. I’ve seen many things on a coffee table from the TV remote, to tired feet and even the family pet taking a quick nap, but never any coffee.

Made from reclaimed wood on a heavy steel base, this industrial built coffee table certainly makes the room look complete. Add a few leather chairs and get ready to kick back and put your feet up. And this coffee table can handle that and a lot more. With an extra thick wood top, this coffee table shows it’s age but also the natural beauty of reclaimed wood.

So next time you have that cup of coffee, take it into the living room!

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A coffee table

And a few leather chairs

Make the room

Made with reclaimed wood

And built industrial strong

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