Reclaimed Wood Console and Mercury Glass Bottles

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Which is your favorite?

Choose from a reclaimed wood console, vintage glass bottles or an industrial metal frame mirror. I like them all. But if I had to choose I would go with the reclaimed wood console. This console is built green using reclaimed wood from a prior life. I like the natural grain of the wood and there are plenty of drawers to store these vintage glass bottles.

Made from mercury glass, these bottles are vintage and show their age. But the aged silvered lining makes them all the more appealing. Silvered mercury glass is considered one of the first true art forms for glass. Although used on glass for vases, goblets and all kinds of tableware, mercury glass was made more for display than actual use. Mercury glass was blown double walled and then a silver nitrate solution was sealed between the layers. Although sold brand new I think mercury glass looks best after years of wear and tear. The aged silvering adds real character and looks even better displayed on a reclaimed wood console.

So go ahead and collect those vintage glass bottles as long as you can display them proudly on a reclaimed wood console.

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Reclaimed wood console

With vintage glass bottles

On a vintage wood box

Made from mercury glass

Plenty of drawers for these bottles

And don’t forget this cool mirror

Made with heavy industrial metal

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