Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

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Flowers and reclaimed wood, perfect together.

The dining table is a common staple in most American Homes. And rarely does a dining table sit alone with a bare table top. We try to fill that large empty wood canvas with a multitude of household items. Candlesticks, soup tureens, glass vases or wood bowls. But in my book, nothing looks better on a reclaimed wood dining table than fresh cut flowers.

There are a multitude of flowers that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. So no matter what your dining room or wood table looks like, there is sure to be the right flower for it. Dress your table up for a nighttime affair with elegant roses or dress it down for a country brunch with traditional daisies. And if you get bored, just throw them out and try a different flower. Flowers breathe life into a dining space. And tables made with reclaimed wood are green but there’s nothing more green than fresh cut flowers.

So next time you struggle with what to put on the dining table, just go the florist!

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Fresh cut flowers

And reclaimed wood

Perfect together

Go to the florist!

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