Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

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Fact or fiction. Reclaimed wood is stronger than new wood.

A tiny seed falls to the ground in a forest. It wedges into the ground and it begins to rain. The sun breaks through the thick forest and warms the seed. It begins to grow.

One hundred years ago, this wood forest was crowded and thick with growth. In fact, the tiny seed received very little sunlight which made it’s growth very slow. Growing among the tall timbers was not easy but the tiny seed persevered and soon became a slender stalk. Before long it became a tree and continued it’s slow and steady climb, competing for sunlight with the giant wood of the forest. This slow and steady growth took time, often 30 to 40 years to reach maturity. And finally, the tall and mighty wood tree was cut down to provide shelter in the form of homes, barns and sheds.

Today, seeds still grow into mature trees but there are farms to nurture their growth more quickly. Unlike Mother Nature, the wood seedlings are spaced far apart, allowing for plenty of water and ample sunshine so that the new trees can grow more quickly. However, the drawback to rapid growth is weaker wood fibers. These wood trees often mature in 10 years or less and are then cut down and ready for production of new homes and the wood dining tables that go in them.

Reclaimed wood products take advantage of the slow growth of these earlier trees. Wood from old barns and homes from the prior century are salvaged and recycled into new products for our home. Reclaimed wood dining tables can now withstand the test of time as they are made from slow growth trees that matured naturally over time.

FACT: reclaimed wood is stronger than new wood. Lesson: Don’t fool with Mother Nature!

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