Reclaimed Wood End Tables

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Think outside the box.

The wood box that is. Just a simple block of wood can look just as good as an expensive end table. Stack these wood blocks on top of each other or use them alone beside the sofa or chair.

Made from reclaimed wood, these wood blocks can be pretty easy to construct. After all, it’s a simple square with no legs, wheels or drawers. But these reclaimed wood end tables can function just like a table to hold a lamp, your drink and the remote control.

I just like the look of reclaimed wood with the natural grain and all it’s imperfections. So all you need is some old wood, a hammer and some nails and you’ve got an end table that’s great for any room. It just goes to show you how far a little imagination will get you. And more important, it’s all about going green and preserving our environment. Got wood?

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Think outside the wood boxes

Use them as end tables

Made from reclaimed wood

I like these wood boxes

And I like the dogs too

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