Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Reclaim it and reuse it.

No new trees were cut down in the making of this industrial reclaimed wood furniture. Bookshelves, coffee tables, consoles and not one new tree was destroyed.

Reclaimed wood is actually stronger than new wood. It may look old but years of exposure to the heat, cold, sun and moisture makes reclaimed wood stronger than new trees. And if you like the natural look of wood, you will like furniture that is made with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood not only looks good but using it helps preserve our environment. Why destroy new trees when so many have been cut down already for furniture that has been used and discarded. Reclaimed wood is taken from old products and reborn into new furniture that is ready to start all over again in the comfort of your home.

So next time you shop for wood furniture, save a tree and shop reclaimed wood. Go green!

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Go green

With industrial furniture

Made with reclaimed wood

Save a tree

Go green!

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