Reclaimed Wood Horse Sculpture

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War Horse lives on!

I think this horse has nine lives just like a cat.

The story of War Horse shares the trials and tribulations of a horse and it’s owner before and during the first World War. It’s truly an adventure for both man and horse with emphasis on the extraordinary relationship that develops between the two. And what better way to recapture this story than with a life size sculpture of a horse that you can enjoy every day.

Made from reclaimed wood that is meticulously sculpted into the shape of a horse, each sculpture is unique and one of a kind. This wood horse would go great outside on a farm or country estate. Or better yet, it would feel right at home in a Polo Ralph Lauren retail store. Either way, this reclaimed wood horse will grab your attention. So saddle up because reclaimed wood isn’t just for furniture anymore!

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War Horse!

Standing proud

And ready to take action

On a moments notice

With strength

And beauty!

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