Reclaimed Wood Mirror and Light

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Reclaimed, recycled and reborn.

You would be surprised as to what you can do with old wood. Save those old wood crates and strip them apart. Add a light bulb and you’ve got a reclaimed wood light. I like this light even better because it still has the old paint on the wood. You couldn’t paint wood like this if you tried. Going green can look great. Check out the mirror behind this reclaimed wood chandelier. It too is made from salvaged wood. This mirror is big and the reclaimed wood frame is thick and heavy. Made from recycled hard wood, this mirror will look great in any room. So save that wood and hang a recycled light or mirror. It’s good to be green.

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Reclaimed wood chandelier

Great wood

And old paint

Big reclaimed wood mirror

With a heavy thick frame

Made with real reclaimed wood

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