Reclaimed Wood Mirror and Vintage Plates

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Flying saucers?

Well, kind of. Vintage plates and saucers on a wall can make an unusual and great display. It just goes to show you what a little imagination can do to make your space a reflection of you and to make it your home.

What I really like about this space is the big mirror. Made from reclaimed wood, this mirror is big and will not be over looked on any wall. And while you’re picking just the right place to hang your mirror, why not break tradition and hang two mirrors on the same wall. It’s all about making a space that reflects not only your outside image but what’s inside too.

This mirror reflects it’s green attitude and responsibility to preserving our environment. Products made from reclaimed and salvaged wood are the best way to preserve our trees and ecosystem. So let your furniture reflect your contribution to protecting our environment and go green with reclaimed wood mirrors and furniture.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Flying saucers that will not fall

Reclaimed wood with carved detail

Dogs and horses on the hunt trail

And lucky hare will still prevail

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