Reclaimed Wood Mirror

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Bond paper, whiteout and ribbon.

All necessary ingredients to operate a vintage typewriter.

It’s scary to think that there are people on this planet that probably don’t know what a typewriter is. Welcome to the 21st century. There was a time when Typewriting 101 was an elective in the high school curriculum and it was encouraged to take if you were planning to attend college. I can honestly say that I was able to type 90 words a minute. But I won’t mention how many mistakes I made.

If you happen to find a collection of vintage typewriters, do the unexpected and hang them on the wall. These typewriters would steal the entire show if they weren’t hanging above these large square mirrors. Made from reclaimed wood that was salvaged from old boat docks, these wood mirrors take going green to a whole new level. Each mirror shows the wear and tear of use and some even still have a metal bolt or two that were used to hold the wood docks together. And don’t think that hanging just one mirror will do the trick. Hang a pair of matching wood mirrors on the wall and they will reflect your vintage industrial style.

Now where did I put that whiteout?

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Vintage typewriters

Hanging over two large square mirrors

Made from reclaimed wood

Get typing

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