Reclaimed Wood Pedestal Dining Table

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Big pedestals for a big table.

Pull up a bench and get ready to eat on this over sized dining table. Made from reclaimed wood, this dining table can accommodate the whole family and a few friends too. Measuring almost eight feet long, this industrial size dining table can easily seat four on each side. So it might finally be time to say goodbye to the kids table on Thanksgiving.

But what I really like about this wood table are the double pedestals on each end. One pedestal would have been fine and provided plenty of strength and stability. But pair them off at each end and you get real vintage industrial strength. Use this dining table in a country kitchen for everyday meals or use it in the dining room for holidays and special occasions. Either way, this wood table will bring family and friends together and add vintage industrial style to your space.

Now pull up a bench and get eating.

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Over sized dining table

Big enough for the whole family

Big pedestals

For a big table

Pull up a bench!

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