Reclaimed Wood Rectangle Floor Mirrors

Having twins can be a handful but these twin floor mirrors are no trouble at all.

Made from solid reclaimed wood that was salvaged from old boat docks, these floor mirrors are heavy weighing in at almost 200 pounds each. A bit heavier than carrying twin baby girls or boys. And just try getting one of these mirrors into a baby stroller. Standing at almost eight feet high, these over sized rectangle mirrors are perfect for leaning against an exposed brick wall or hung horizontal behind a bar counter. The reclaimed wood and remaining few steel bolts will add vintage industrial charm to your room. And no new trees were destroyed in the making of these mirrors. They might look brown in color but the wood on these mirrors is 100 percent green.

Use these mirrors in the home behind a sofa in the living room or beside an armoire in the bedroom. They can also function well in the dressing room of commercial retail spaces. Either way you use these wood mirrors, they will do the job with no trouble at all.

Now does anyone have some Windex?

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Twin mirrors

Standing on the floor

Made from reclaimed wood

Are no trouble at all

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