Reclaimed Wood Square Mirror

Window or reclaimed wood mirror.

We all have a wall in our home where we wished there was a window. That big blank space that no matter how many pictures you hang just doesn’t fill the void. But there is a simple solution with an over sized reclaimed wood mirror.

Hang a mirror on the wall, add some curtains and a large chandelier and you have an instant window effect. I’m not saying that you can see out this window but at first glance, you just might think there is one. Made from heavy reclaimed wood, this square mirror is large and can certainly fill a blank space on your wall. Mirrors also make a room appear larger than it actually is. Reflecting the light from this crystal chandelier, this wood mirror adds visual interest and more light into your room. And the more mirrors you hang, the large and brighter your room will be. So live no longer with boring empty wall space and add some windows with large wood mirrors.

Now please close the curtains on that window.

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Or mirror

Over sized square mirror

Made from reclaimed wood

Curtains not included

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