Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

A pair of shoes left on the dining table.

It must have been a really good party.

Or if your design aesthetic happens to be vintage industrial, a pair of vintage shoes on the dining table makes perfect sense.

Made with a solid wood top and a base wrapped in galvanized zinc, this trestle table can hold more than family and friends. It can hold vintage shoes too. But don’t use this dining table in the closet as a shoe rack, it’s just too big. This table measures over 9 feet long so it’s perfect for entertaining over the holidays or for those special occasions. Use this industrial dining table in a country kitchen or in the formal dining room. Either way, this reclaimed wood trestle table can serve lunch or dinner to plenty of family and guests. So serve up a vintage industrial dinner with this over sized wood dining table.

Now where did I put my shoes?

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Shoes left on the dining table

It must have been a really good party

This is one big table

With a pair of vintage shoes

Someone went home without their shoes

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