Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock

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Hold that train and check the tracks!

This wall clock is made from salvaged railroad ties. Railway ties were once made of wood and over the years they have been slowly replaced with concrete and steel. Fortunately, these wood ties have been reclaimed and now find themselves at a higher station in life. No longer working hard on the ground, these wood railway ties have been cut and pieced together for display as a railroad clock on your wall.

This reclaimed wood clock is big and it shows it’s age from working on the railroad. Reclaimed wood reflects the beauty of wood with natural distressing, cracks and imperfections. And what better way to enjoy reclaimed wood than on your wall with a big clock.

Now what time is it? I think I missed my stop!

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I’ve been working on the railroad

And so has this clock

Made from reclaimed wood

From old railroad ties.

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