Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

This might be a stretch but what does a reclaimed wood wall mirror have in common with an elephant. They both are considered keystones. This mirror is made using keystone construction which is an architectural term used to describe a decorative piece that is fitted at the apex of an arch. It is most commonly found in window trim and moldings. But we like the design effect it adds to this round wood mirror. Now to the elephant.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

Elephants are considered a keystone species because of the huge impact they have on our environment. A keystone species is an animal that has a disproportionately large effect on its environment relative to its abundance. They play a critical role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community in affecting other organisms and determining the number and types of other species within the community. Elephants uproot trees and undergrowth which creates grasslands. They dig for water during droughts which creates waterholes for other animals. And they excavate caves which make homes for bats, birds and insects. These are just a few examples of how elephants transform the landscape to make way for other animals to inhabit. But here is the analogy to the keystone construction of this round wood wall mirror.

A keystone species plays a vital role in it’s ecosystem similar to the role of the keystone in an archway. While the keystone is under the least amount of pressure of all the stones in an arch, the arch will still collapse without it. Similarly, an ecosystem may fail or shift dramatically if the keystone species is removed. It took me awhile but I knew I would get there eventually. Elephants and mirrors. Who knew.

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reclaimed wood wall mirror
Wood mirrors and elephants, perfect together



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