Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

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I knew this wasn’t my reflection in the mirror!

I like reclaimed wood but not sure I like reclaimed bones. A sculpture made from reclaimed animal bones is certainly a conversation piece but my vote goes for the reclaimed wood mirror.

Made from solid wood that’s been salvaged from old boat docks, this mirror is big and it’s heavy too. Some of the wood even has the original steel bolts in it that joined the docks together. Hanging on a wall in your home or over the bar at your favorite drinking hole, this mirror can be a real “bone” stopper. Not only will this mirror reflect the room you’re sitting in but it also reflects some history. Reclaimed wood that has lived a prior life is distressed but it’s stronger than new wood and it reflects the natural beauty of wood. So next time you admire that beauty in the mirror, check out the natural beauty of reclaimed wood.

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Cool mirror with reflection

Of a cool sculpture

That deserves closer inspection

Reclaimed bones

Go green with reclaimed wood!

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