Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

Create one of a kind artwork with this reclaimed wood wall mirror.

Made from heavy reclaimed wood, this over sized square mirror can easily hold it’s own on any standard size wall. But surround the mirror with vintage steering wheels and you have artwork that will be a real conversation piece. Using a large wood mirror as the centerpiece makes it easy to create unique artwork for your wall. It could be vintage top hats or vintage marine lighting. Whatever is your favorite vintage find, display the entire collection on one wall and use a wood mirror to add depth, dimension and visual interest to the space. A wall mirror will make both your vintage collection and room appear larger than they really are. And let’s not forget that no new trees were destroyed in the making of this mirror. Salvaged from old boat docks, this reclaimed wood shows it’s age and the natural beauty of wood.

Now how am I supposed to drive without a steering wheel?

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Create your own artwork

With a reclaimed wood wall mirror

And vintage steering wheels

Drive it home!

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