Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

Reclaim the past with this reclaimed wood wall mirror. There are a lot of catch phrases about not living in the past. Don’t dwell on the past. Live in the moment. Focus on the future. But I think we can learn from the past. More importantly, we can reuse the past. Reclaim, refurbish and repurpose old wood. And that’s what we did with this wood mirror.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

Some people do live in the past. Twenty years ago was like yesterday. Unfortunately, when you focus too much on what happened in the past it prevents us from looking forward. Harboring ill feelings takes more work. It’s been scientifically proven that anger and frowning takes more effort than being happy with a simple smile. Less wrinkles on the face too. But the past can be important. We should learn from our mistakes and work to change them. Sounds easy but many find it almost impossible to do. So often we see people repeat the same mistakes and wonder why. Seeing others is easy but sometimes seeing ourselves can be difficult. And making a change in our behavior can be even harder. Now that’s people. Let’s talk about wood. Aged wood that’s been reclaimed for another purpose can add character and beauty to the product. Natural distressing, nail holes and a weathered finish can look good and tell a story too. Where has it been, what has it seen and who did it belong to. My favorite is using old barn wood to build tables, counters and even kitchen islands. It’s stronger than new wood and adds vintage charm to your space. So next time you choose a mirror for your wall think about a reclaimed wood mirror. Now what’s on my list for tomorrow.

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reclaimed wood wall mirror
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