Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

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When was the last time you used a typewriter?

Or do you even remember having one? Changing ink ribbons and feeding in paper, typewriters are now considered vintage and have been replaced with Microsoft Word and spell check. But typewriters can now be used as wall art along with a really big mirror.

Made from reclaimed wood that’s been salvaged from old boats and docks, this mirror is big and can easily fill an entire wall. And if you have enough space, two mirrors are better than one. Fully equipped with wood notches and imperfections, you might also be lucky enough to get a steel bolt or two as well. So while you’re reflecting in the mirror, enjoy the beauty of natural reclaimed wood. And I’m proud to say that I was able  to type 90 words a minute… maybe with a mistake or two 🙂

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Or should I say typewriter

Two mirrors can be better than one

Recognize these?

Big Mirror

Big wood

And big bolts

Get typing!

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