Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirrors

Reclaimed wood wall mirror or vintage typewriters. I like them both.

It really wasn’t that long ago that typewriters were a common staple in our school systems and they could even be found in most homes. But today, the younger generation doesn’t know what a typewriter is let alone know how to use one. But change can be good. When it comes to vintage industrial design, these typewriters make a great accent to these square mirrors on the wall. Made from heavy reclaimed wood that was once used to construct boat docks, these wood mirrors will probably outlast the industrial metal typewriters. Do the unexpected and hang a collection of vintage typewriters on the wall above your mirrors and they will steal the show. So you just might have to hang more than one mirror. All is fair when it comes to vintage industrial design.

Now what did I do with that whiteout.

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Vintage typewriters

Hanging over two large square mirrors

Make a perfect combination

Get typing

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