Reclaimed Wood Wall Unit

A reclaimed wood wall unit and a vintage barber chair. Perfect together.

Fill this wall unit with modern day hair products and create the perfect compliment to this vintage barber shop chair. Made from reclaimed wood and industrial steel, this wall unit is built big and heavy. At nearly eight feet tall, this wood wall unit can certainly fill an empty space. Use this shelf as a wall unit for the flat screen TV and electronics or use it as a bookcase for your favorite books and vintage collectibles. Either way, this wall unit will add vintage industrial style to your space. And made from reclaimed wood, this bookcase may look brown but it’s all green. No trees were destroyed in the making of this wall unit so it’s good for the environment too. Use this wall unit at home in the den or in a commercial setting like this vintage barber shop.

Now where’s that barber. Please take just a little off the sides.

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Perfect together

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