Reclaimed Wood Wine Barrel Chandeliers

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Hang ’em high.

No, it’s not the wild west.

Hang these wine barrel chandeliers as high as you want because they’re big and they can take it. Made with wood from real vintage wine barrels, these chandeliers are big enough to hang in a two story foyer or over your dining room table. These wine barrel chandeliers are hanging beside a 20 foot hand carved ceiling from India and they still look big.

Using reclaimed wood, these chandeliers aren’t just big, they’re green too. So they not only look good in your home, but these wood chandeliers are good for the environment too. Repurposed and reclaimed, all in one chandelier. Go green with reclaimed wood wine barrel chandeliers. Now round ’em up!

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Reclaimed wood chandeliers

Made from vintage wine barrels

Light this chandelier up

Beside this wood carved ceiling

Direct from India

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