Reclaimed Wood Wine Barrel Chandeliers

Reclaimed wood wine barrel chandeliers that are red carpet worthy. That’s right, these chandeliers have reached celebrity status. And why not. Is pretending to be someone that you’re not really that hard. It’s called acting. Now and then we would all like the chance to live outside of reality and take on another persona with no responsibility or consequences. I think it would relieve a lot of stress. Actors not only work outside of reality but many live outside of reality in their personal lives. Secluded from the daily grind and stress of everyday life within their own socio economic bubbles. Unfortunately, they can afford to do so. But these wine barrel chandeliers are doing anything but acting. They are real and genuine every day. No pretense here.

Reclaimed Wood Wine Barrel Chandeliers

Made from reclaimed wine barrels, these chandeliers have been repurposed from making wine that is served on the table to lighting that now hangs over the table. The original oak staves of the wine barrel have been salvaged and carefully hand crafted into teardrop shaped chandeliers. And just to prove our point on how great these chandeliers look we put them on our own red carpet. Walk under this parade of chandeliers and you will feel like a celebrity. Imagine how they will make you feel in your own home. Now who’s the real celebrity.

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Reclaimed Wood Wine Barrel Chandeliers
Walk the red carpet under wine barrel chandeliers



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