Recycled Green Furniture

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Green grass or green furniture?

This might take going green to an extreme but green grass can make a great accent in the home. It’s bringing the outdoors in and there’s nothing better than the natural color green.

But what does going green really mean when it comes to home furniture? Green or sustainable means that the production still encourages economic growth while at the same time preserving our environment for future generations. It’s recycling or reclaiming wood that has been salvaged from existing or demolished buildings that can be reused in new products like tables, chairs, mirrors, you name it.

Natural wood is hard and durable. If it’s taken care of it can last a very long time. And even if wood isn’t taken care of it can still last for many years. So why not take advantage of all the old wood that is already out there. Wood from old barns or even from logs that have sunk to the bottom of the river on their way to the sawmill can all be recycled into new wood furniture products. And they will last longer than new wood that is grown specifically for harvesting. Next time you go to make your next purchase for the home, go green and buy recycled wood furniture!

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Bring the outdoors in

With green grass

And recycled green furniture

Cool box

Cool cup

But I like the green grass best

And don’t forget to recycle your flatware too!

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