Recycled Green Glass Bottles

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Vintage leather courier bag, recycled glass bottles and vintage cargo buckets.

Not sure which I like best but I’ll start with the vintage bag. This leather courier bag was once used to carry the U.S. mail cross country via horseback. How cool is that? This leather bag is vintage and it has the horseshoe on the front to prove it. The vintage cargo buckets aren’t bad either. Cool handles with plenty of room for storage, these buckets will add vintage industrial style to any shelf space. But my favorite are the green glass bottles. Made from recycled glass, these bottles look good alone or in a group. They’re big and they catch the light to give an industrial feel to any room. So go green and recycle your glass. You might be surprised at how good it looks!

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Recycled green glass bottles

Look great in a row

I like these recycled glass bottles

And these cool vintage leather courier bags

Where did I park my horse?

Vintage cargo buckets

Great industrial storage

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