Recycled Industrial Iron Stool and Table

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Are you ready to burn some rubber!

Not in your car but with this industrial rubber stool and coffee table. That’s right, this stool and table are made from recycled rubber tires. Remember that flat tire? Well it’s been recycled to go from the road and into your home. The tops on this stool and coffee table are solid black rubber and as durable as the rubber tires on your car. Sitting on a rusted iron frame, this stool can be used as a side table or a stool for extra seating. And perfectly matched, this coffee table is industrial strong and ready to entertain family and friends. So remember to recycle your products at home and don’t let your next flat tire get you down. You may see it again in your living room!

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Industrial coffee table and stool

With some cool flowers

Rusted hook

And heavy rope

A rusted metal frame

With a side table or stool

And recycled rubber tires!

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