Recycled Roadkill

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This table was submitted to HGTV Rate My Space by Barb in Michigan.  It is a great example of recycled products. Abandoned on the side of the road, Barb grabbed this old broken down wood table and with a simple can of white paint, cleaned it up to look like a real family treasure. The wood chairs were picked up at a local thrift shop, $12 for all six, and brought back to life with the same can of paint.  Simple nautical stenciling on the back of each chair made it a “fait accompli.”

This is not only a great look but the price makes me love it even more. Check out a similar style table below at Wisteria for $699 (not including the $125 delivery surcharge).  Hats off to Barb!

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recycled wood table

Barb’s find, old wood picnic table ($12 plus paint)

Wisteria white table ($699 plus shipping)




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