Recycled Vintage Leather Books

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Read a good book lately?

Recycled vintage books can make a great wall display. I always wanted a library in my home with walls lined with books. But quite honestly, I don’t think I’ve read enough books to fill all those walls. Now there’s a quick solution to saving every book you’ve ever read.

These vintage books have been recycled with new covers and bindings that can fit your own unique style. Keeping the inside pages of these books in tact, the outside covers have been refurbished in cool metallic gold, silver or just plain white, black or brown. Now you can fill that bookshelf you always wanted or empty wall space with one of kind books from floor to ceiling. Great for the home or commercial spaces that want vintage style over night. So why wait, you can get recycled books on your wall and you might even find a few vintage books worth reading. Recycling is a good thing to do and it can look good too.

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Recycled vintage books

Refurbished in metallic silver

Or faux leather

And metallic gold

Cool wall lantern with these books

Great vintage desk light

Made with industrial metal

Got books?

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