Recycled Wood Stool and Industrial Cage Light

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Recycled wood stool and industrial cage light.

This industrial stool and light go together just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A great combination that is always satisfying.

If you have an appetite for real industrial style, there is nothing better than a metal stool and cage light. Made from reclaimed wood, this stool has vintage industrial style and is green at the same time. Reclaimed wood adds warmth and old world charm to this industrial stool and it helps preserve our environment. No new trees were used in the making of this stool and the heavy metal makes this a real crowd pleaser. Adjustable in height, this stool can work at the kitchen counter or at the bar in your favorite restaurant.

Just like that peanut butter sandwich, this stool looks great with an industrial metal cage light. Plug this light in or hard wire it as a pendant light from the ceiling, this light will add industrial style to any space. A wood handle with a vintage style cloth cord, this cage light has all the character of a vintage light once used in our industrial factories. So go green with reclaimed wood and go industrial with vintage stools and lights. Now it’s time for a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Industrial wood and metal stool

And metal cage pendant light

Reclaimed wood seat

And back

Heavy metal base

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