Vintage Metal Wire Baskets and Bookshelves

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Gym class.  Remember wearing matching uniforms and playing bombardment indoors on a rainy day?  And where did you put all those fashionista gym clothes when you were done?  In your gym basket of course! Well, those gym baskets are back and now considered vintage and used as decorative metal containers for all kinds of household items such as towels, magazines, shoes, toys, you name it.

The obsession continues with vintage items and these baskets do not come cheap starting at $100 and up. Metal accessories are popular these days and are a great change from fabrics and everything wood.  If you like, you can always buy a more affordable gym basket on-line, that is if they are not sold out!

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Vintage Gym Baskets at ABC Carpet and Home

Great metal bins

Vintage gym basket and it still has the locker number on it

Metal containers

Vintage wire basket

Wire Basket holding men’s sandals at the Diesel store, NYC.

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