Industrial Metal and Galvanized Steel Buckets

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Pee Wees, Croakers and Cat’s Eyes, remember them?  They are hard to find these days but you can get a peek at some at Fishs Eddy.  I remember carrying my collection of marbles around in a metal lunch box, sometimes two boxes!  And those metal boxes full of marbles weren’t light either.  I would go to a friend’s house with them, not sure what we did with them but I know we spent a lot of time playing with them.

Check out the vintage metal containers too, very cool.  And don’t forget Puries, they were the best!

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Jackpot! Marbles in great industrial metal buckets

I want them all

50 cents each.  Anyone remember what we paid?

I had to take a few marbles

and a few more.

Great vintage industrial metal containers

Galvanized Steel Container

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