Vintage Wood Furniture

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If you remember the Adams Family, this vintage furniture could have come from their home!  A leather chair that is the Grand Daddy of all antique chairs with clawed feet and tufted leather that has aged like a cadaver… and the price tag is staggering!  Only at ABC Carpet NY could you find vintage furniture like this.

I assembled a collection of goulish photos below, all from ABC, and think I will repost them on Halloween. But remember this is supposed to be shabby chic!  And check out the vintage wheels from an earlier post, I thought it went well with the vintage furniture and although not exact, it is similar in style to what Uncle Fester and the Adams Family drove around in.

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Vintage leather recliner priced at $6,000!

A side view of this one of a kind vintage leather chair

It’s vintage and it’s shabby chic.  Priced at $950

At one time an upholstered antique chair priced at $1,165

Great shabby chic chaise lounge priced at $3,990

A pair of antique shabby chic chairs, $1,165 each

1938 Buick 4-door Sedan … Priceless!

Display Window on Broadway at ABC Carpet, New York City

Click here to view shabby chic Bombay Wood Dresser, $599 at

shabby chic bombay wood dresser

Click here to view shabby chic Bombay Wood Dresser, $599 at

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