Repurposed Lighting

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I think repurposing old discarded items into new everyday useful products is the best.  But when has repurposing gone too far?  I love cars, wire wheels, vintage rims and hubcaps but not sure I like them hanging over my dining room table.  But I do like the metal, the rust and the ingenuity that went into designing and making this so cool chandelier.  So get into the garage and get out those old car parts and repurpose them into lighting and dining room chandeliers.

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chandelier lighting

Yes, it’s a vintage wire wheel rim that has been repurposed into a chandelier

chandelier lighting

A rear view of the wire rim with three light fixtures

chandelier lighting

Hung by a real car spring

chandelier lighting

A closer look at this repurposed chandelier

chandelier lighting

Look at this spring!

chandelier lighting

And of course you have to plug it in.

chandelier lighting

I love rusted metal

chandelier lighting

I think we should make it ourselves

fork and spoon chandeliers

How about just lighting some candles in this Fork and Spoon Chandelier

fork and spoon chandelier

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