Restaurant Bar Lighting

Restaurant bar lighting can make or break the overall style of a bar. But it also got me thinking as to how many different bars are out there. First, let’s establish a baseline. A bar is a retail business that serves alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and liquor cocktails. Some bars serve food from a restaurant menu or snack food like potato chips and peanuts. Depending on how old you are a bar can be called a saloon, tavern, pub or club. But when it comes to the name bar there is an endless list of choices. Let’s go through just a few.

Restaurant Bar Lighting

A wine bar focuses on serving just wine versus beer and liquor. A beer bar focuses on the opposite, serving a variety of beers. A music bar presents live music along with alcoholic beverages of which it could be a blues bar or a jazz club. One of my favorites is the dive bar. According to wikipedia this is a very informal bar which some may consider to be disreputable. I think they are being too kind. Anyway, there are a lot more bars. There are comedy bars, dance bars, karaoke bars, sports bars, drag bars and single bars. That’s a lot of bars. And they all have lighting. At least let’s hope they do. I think this lighting makes this bar more inviting. Otherwise, it would be just a black bar with black chairs. Although, that and a strong drink might be all you need. Cheers!

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Restaurant bar lighting
Restaurant Bar Lighting



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