Round Bistro Dining Table

Enjoy a cozy dinner for two with this round bistro dining table. Eating out family style at a large table with friends and sometimes uninvited guests can be relaxing and even fun. But sometimes you just want to be alone to enjoy a quiet dinner for two with your significant other. And this round bistro dining table is the perfect way to do just that.

Round Bistro Dining Table

The term bistro was originated in Paris and represents a small restaurant that serves moderately priced simple meals in a casual atmosphere. Bistros are generally defined by the type of food they serve. French home style cooking and slow cooked foods like bean stew would typically be served in a bistro. The tables were also simple in that they were small and usually made to seat two or three persons at the most. A bistro table was often round so that meant elbows on the table were allowed and encouraged. Bistros developed out of the basement kitchens of Paris apartments where tenants paid for both room and board. Landlords would supplement their income by opening the kitchen to the paying public. Menus included foods that were simple and could be prepared in large quantities. Wine and coffee were also the beverage of choice. So it’s no wonder that bistros still exist today where patrons can relax from a hectic day and enjoy the company of family and friends. Good food, good wine and good company. Who could ask for more than that. Now bring me my cassoulet and a glass of red wine please.

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round bistro dining table
Table for two please



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