Round Etched Glass Wall Mirrors

Forever etched in my mind or just round etched glass wall mirrors. I could say both as the glass on these mirrors is permanently etched and so are certain memories permanently etched in my mind. The process might be different but I think you get the point. A unique twist on a traditional mirror includes a simple round etching around the perimeter of the glass. Traditional with a touch of contemporary design makes these mirrors work in almost any space. Some see a traditional round mirror while others see a modern style with the etched glass. So these mirrors will work in both spaces. Now for the etching in my mind.

Round Etched Glass Wall Mirrors

Forever etched in my mind is an idiom that is often used by people but research shows that it is usually saved for extraordinary events or circumstances. And unfortunately, they are too often sad or catastrophic events. This would make sense as having a memory etched into your mind would make it permanent. Just like etched glass, once you make the cut there is no going back or repairing it. The damage is done. So just like a horrific episode, it makes a mark on the human condition that cannot be erased. If you are a believer in our life experiences make us wiser and stronger than this is a good thing. Maybe some things are not meant to be forgotten. They act as a reminder when we get caught up in our every day lives and perhaps they serve a purpose to bring us back to reality. I’m still not crazy about having bad things etched in my mind forever but I would rather choose these round etched glass wall mirrors. It’s a lot easier.

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round etched glass wall mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall



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