Round Leather Aviator Wall Mirror

Jet engine or round wall mirror.

Bound in black leather with rivet construction, this wall mirror was inspired by jet fighter engines from World War II. Dating back to the early 1900’s, these jet fighter planes are certainly vintage. Mounted on the front of each jet were round engines framed out in sheets of metal that were welded together with industrial rivets. This round mirror is similar in construction except the sheet metal is replaced with supple black leather and bound together with metal rivets. Hang this mirror on the wall over the bathroom vanity or hang more than one mirror over the sofa in the living room. Either way you choose to use this round mirror it will add unique vintage industrial style to your space.

Hang a leather aviator mirror and get ready for take off.

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Get ready for take off

With aviator inspired mirrors

Bound in black leather

With metal rivet construction

Prepare for a safe landing

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