Round Natural Canvas Chandeliers

Maybe we went overboard with these round natural canvas chandeliers. But we had the space so the more the merrier. You might not be able to fit ten canvas chandeliers over your dining room table but three in a row could look great. Or hang more than one light over the kitchen island or bar counter. Long gone are the days of hanging one light over the dining table. I can remember shopping for a chandelier to hang over the formal dining table. It was not a big event and was probably the last design item in the room. But more time needs to be devoted to lighting when decorating a room or a home. It can make or break the overall design. You can have the best furniture but if the lighting isn’t right it’s not going to achieve the look you wanted.

Round Natural Canvas Chandeliers

Historically, consumers shop for the table first when furnishing a dining room. They concentrate on style, size and shape. Square, rectangle or round. Chairs also get a lot of attention. How many can fit around the table. Will everyone be able to sit at one table on Thanksgiving. Are the chairs comfortable. Will they stain easy. There’s also the breakfront or console to display fine china or to serve family and guests. Even the rug gets a lot of attention. The size, the color and and the pattern. So why is it that the chandelier is usually the last purchase when it comes to outfitting a dining room. I do the opposite. I want a unique and interesting light hanging over my table. I think it makes the room. So I shop for that first. And when I find one that I like I might buy two or even three. The next step is to build the room around the chandelier. It might seem crazy but I think it works. How will the table look under this light. The chairs, the rug and so on. Next time you have to style a room think about all of the components. Pick out the light fixture first and let yourself go overboard.

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round natural canvas chandeliers
Go overboard with round canvas chandeliers



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