Round Windowpane Wall Mirror

Life would be a boar without a round windowpane wall mirror. Well it could be any mirror but I really like this big round mirror.

Round Windowpane Wall Mirror

In an age where texting has replaced talking on the cell phone or even talking in person who would have guessed that a wall mirror would become so vital to social media and new technology. Taking a selfie, a picture of yourself, has become second nature to twenty somethings. And for that matter, just about any age person has taken a selfie or two. Stand in front of a wall mirror, hold up the cell phone, snap a photo and post it on Instagram, Facebook or text it to a friend. Not sure how the obsession with taking an unlimited number of photos of ourselves evolved but it looks like it’s here to stay. And it’s not as easy as it appears. Once in front of the mirror it takes focus and concentration to strike just the right pose, shoot the right angle and of course the right expression for which we are trying to convey to others. Sometimes there can be twenty, thirty or even fifty selfies taken in front of a wall mirror before the right one is chosen for mass distribution to family, friends and even complete strangers. This windowpane wall mirror may not be the best mirror for taking selfies as it’s round and made with windowpane construction. But if you have a flat, unobstructed rectangle mirror, most commonly found in the bathroom, snap away. So a round wood wall mirror can serve two purposes. First, to add interesting design style to any wall in your home and second, to snap the perfect selfie. Now find the closest mirror and don’t be such a boar.

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round windowpane wall mirror
Don’t be a boar, take a selfie



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