Round Windowpane Wood Mirror

Get a large round windowpane mirror and no one will ever call you a boar.

Two wild boars, two wood lamps and a large round windowpane mirror. They make a great combination if you don’t forget the fresh cut roses. If you want to make your room appear larger than life you can hang a dozen mirrors on one wall. The reflection from all the mirrors will instantly increase the perceived size of your space. Or you can hang just one very large round mirror and buy a dozen roses instead. I prefer the latter. Even if you have a small room, hanging an over sized mirror can add drama and size to your room.

Made from oak wood with windowpane construction, this natural finish mirror will add size and dimension to your room. Hang this mirror over a console, behind the sofa or just alone on the wall. Any way you hang this mirror it will be the center of attention. But please hang only one of these large mirrors per room or it could become the house of mirrors.

Now what’s wrong with being a boar.

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Two wood lamps

A large round mirror

With windowpane construction

And two wild boars

Don’t forget the roses

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