Round Wood Wall Mirrors

Narcissism or just a bunch of round wood wall mirrors. I don’t think of myself as a narcissist but I sure do like looking into these mirrors. Let me be clear. I like looking at the mirrors and not into the mirrors. It’s not a work of art but these mirrors make the wall visually interesting. They reflect the artifacts in the room and make the space appear much larger than it actually is. But let’s get back to this narcissism.

Round Wood Wall Mirrors

Narcissism is defined as the pursuit of gratification from admiration of one’s own attributes. Interestingly, the term originated from Greek mythology when the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. Falling in love might be taking it to an extreme but you get the point. So how many times a day do you think the average person looks into a mirror. Studies show surprising results. Men admire their reflection in a mirror about 23 times a day while women only glance at themselves 16 times a day. Obviously, the Kardashian crew did not partake in any of these studies. But I do believe that men look at themselves more per day than women. Maybe it’s their general insecurities or maybe it’s the gym culture. Flex and strike a pose. Am I getting bigger. Let me do a few more reps and drink a few more protein shakes. In any case, if I were to look into the mirror a lot I would want it to be one of these. How do I look?

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round wood wall mirrors
Good things come in threes



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