Chevy Pickup Truck

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Take a trip down Route 66.  How’s this for a toy truck!  One of my all time favorite vintage things, a 1953 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck.  Yes, I am crazy about this truck.  As for the ride, well that 3 speed shift took a little getting used to and it wasn’t the fastest car on the road, but it sure was fun.  I liked this truck so much that I had to order it on pillows, sorry I am partial to red!  This truck just screams vintage.

So how much does a toy like this cost?  $35,000.  Yikes, I think I will put this Chevy back in the garage!

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Take a trip down historic Route 66

Chevy Pickup Truck stored in a worthy garage

How’s that for a spit shine!

Yes, that’s real wood in there… but the bullet holes are fake

Yep, those are the keys to this Chevy Pickup

Talk about a retro dashboard

Even the gas cap is cool

How cute is this tail light?

Time to take this Chevy Truck out

Take a look under the hood.  It’s cleaner than the outside!

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