Rusted Iron Frame Chandelier

It’s your 18th birthday so celebrate with this rusted iron frame chandelier. It has 18 candles but save your breath in trying to blow them out. An obvious point I hope. If you want rustic charm or vintage appeal then I suggest you check out this chandelier. Made with a rustic iron frame and distressed solid wood, this chandelier will add vintage style to your kitchen or dining room. And it will certainly light up the room with it’s 18 candles.

Rusted Iron Frame Chandelier

Turning eighteen is a big deal and in this country it can change your life. You are now considered an adult in the eyes of the law and are allowed to partake in the privileges of adulthood. Although some would argue that it was a lot easier and more fun to be under 18. But getting older is one thing that we have no control over. Here are a few of the entitlements for the newly turned eighteen year old. You can now enter into contracts, buy or sell property, real estate and stock. You can get married, sue another person or company. But you can also get sued or divorced. You can make a will, inherit property, vote, serve on a jury and join the military. But there is always the down side. Your parents no longer have to support you. You are responsible for your own taxes and in most cases your own health insurance. And probably the hardest of them all is you are no longer protected by the juvenile court system. So it’s probably a good thing that the legal drinking age is now 21. Well, you can’t have everything but you can buy this chandelier at any age. As long as you have the money.

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rusted iron frame chandelier
18 birthday candles



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