Rustic Wood End Tables

Think twice before you throw that next log on the fire this winter.  You just might be burning good money.

I like rustic wood end tables with distressed painted wood and natural finished tops.  But here is rustic taken to an extreme.  Going green helps us appreciate our natural resources and sustain our environment.  These salvaged wood logs have been refinished and recycled into cool end tables.  I also like the added touch of combining the rustic wood with metal bolts.  Great by the sofa, chair or even to put your feet up on.  Paul Bunyon would be proud!

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rustic wood end tables Pottery Barn

Rustic wood end tables

rustic wood end tables Pottery Barn

Great by the sofa

rustic wood end tables Pottery Barn

All natural wood

rustic wood end tables Pottery Barn

Love the wood grain, count the rings

rustic wood end tables

Don’t burn that wood!


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