Salvaged Wood and Farmhouse Table

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I’m stumped!  These wood tables are made from salvaged tree stumps.  Talk about recycling at it’s best.  Why cut down good trees to make wood tables when you can turn old tree stumps into these beauties.

What a great way to recycle and help preserve our environment.  Not to mention that these wood tables are more like works of art.  I would gladly take one of these tree stumps into my home but I would rather look at it then actually use it.

The best part is that these tables are strong and durable.  So don’t worry about scratches or serving a bowl of Jolly Green Giant frozen vegetables on them!

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natural recycled wood tables

Salvaged wood tables

natural recycled wood tables

I love the wood grain on this table

natural recycled wood tables

Great craftsmanship here

natural recycled wood tables

Some price for a tree stump!

natural recycled wood tables

I like the pattern on this table

natural recycled wood tables

A closer look at the wood grain

natural recycled wood tables

This table looks like a tree stump

natural recycled wood tables

But the wood looks great

distressed painted wood farmhouse dining table

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