Retro Dinnerware

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Set the table!  Fishs Eddy is back  From Coney Island Amusement Park to the Twin Towers, this is real New York dinnerware.  So much to choose from including true 1950’s vintage plates that were salvaged from real diners, universities and private clubs.

The cool thing is that many of these plates and cups are one-of-kind and the new patterns are reproduced for only a short period of time.  This dinnerware can really add some fun to your kitchen table and are made to withstand the clumsiest of diners!  Some years back I purchased the “slugger” series pictured at the bottom of this post.

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Fishs Eddy

Coney Island dinnerware

The great Twin Towers dinnerware

New York skyline

The Twin Towers

Vintage diner plates

All kinds of vintage dinnerware

cups, cups and more cups

Private club dinnerware

The slugger series dinnerware

Vintage soda bottles at




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