Small Copper Scoop Pendant

If I can’t have a scoop of my favorite ice cream then I’ll take this small copper scoop pendant. Anyone who knows me knows that I really like my ice cream. If I were to trade ice cream for copper pendants then I must really like them too. And I do. It’s not often that you see pendants in a copper metal finish. But this pendant is small so it makes them affordable.

Small Copper Scoop Pendant

A little imagination goes a long way. Use a kitchen scoop to get your ice cream or a barista scoop to get your coffee beans. That was the inspiration for these copper finish pendants. An everyday household item opens the door to a world of invention. We use them in our every day lives and suddenly they become an inspiration for a new product. The shape is sleek but simple. The metal finish is the same. An upside down cup with a scalloped opening. One light bulb and you’re done. It seems easy but somehow it took a long time to derive. A row of these pendants hanging over the counter in the ice cream shop or the coffee shop would bring a sleek, modern edge to the space. Not to mention if you misplace your scoop there will always be extra on hand. I’ll take three scoops of chocolate chip mint please.

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