Solid Pine Pedestal Table

This round solid pine pedestal table might have only two chairs but it can fit a lot more. That’s the good thing about round dining tables. They can fit a lot more family and friends. No squeezing Uncle John and Grandma at the end of a rectangle table. No bumping elbows. No bumping knees on the base of the table. It’s all about the food, the company and good conversation. That’s how it should be.

Solid Pine Pedestal Table

Of course there’s always a time and a place for wanting that cozy table for two. Dining out with your special someone or significant other doesn’t require a party of family and friends. Sometimes it’s good to have that one on one time without all the distractions. So when it’s time for date night go to There is nothing more frustrating on date night than going from restaurant to restaurant in search of a table. Unless you want that early bird special at 5:00 most diners have beaten you to the punch. They planned ahead and made their reservation for two on open table. It’s easy. Pick the location, the date and number of guests. Just show up and your table will be waiting for you. Unless you prefer to dine at home on this beautiful solid pine table. Just make sure to lock the front door. Bon appetit!

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solid pine pedestal table
Table for two



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