Solid Wood Wine Cabinet

Some people like a fully stocked refrigerator but I like a fully stocked solid wood wine cabinet. Yes, food is the necessity of life and without it we would all perish. But some would rightfully argue the same about their favorite glass of wine. And maybe even their wine cabinet. This wood cabinet is just about the size of a refrigerator but you won’t find any milk or eggs inside. Instead it’s filled with your favorite bottles of vino, an ice bucket and a few long stemmed wine glasses. What more could a person ask for.

Solid Wood Wine Cabinet

I like the slatted wood doors on this cabinet, the wood shelves, metal wine rack and of course the wine. It holds a lot. But what I like best is opening a bottle of wine after a long day of work and sitting back with my significant other. The wine is not to be gulped but sipped slowly while having an intimate conversation. It could be about the day or how much you missed each other. Or it could be sipping a glass of wine while watching a movie or your favorite TV series. Wine always goes well with binge watching two or three seasons of your favorite show. I think there are a lot of positive mental health reasons for drinking wine in moderation. But there are also documented physical benefits to drinking a glass of wine each day. For me, I enjoy a glass of wine but I enjoy who I’m drinking it with even more. Now how do you work this bottle opener?

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solid wood wine cabinet
A fully stocked solid wood wine cabinet



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